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CPES was Officially Launched

2019-05-23 Copyfrom:Linda Liu & Partners

In order to facilitate the sharing of examination capacity among various patent examination organizations and to enhance both the quality and efficiency of patent examination, SIPO has established and officially launched Cloud Patent Examination System (CPES) on May 22, 2015. This CPES improved and enhanced the function of the Cloud Patent Examination Trial System (CPERS) launched on June 2013, with an accumulation of the examination files, bibliography and the publication text of a number of examination organizations. Meanwhile, the system also provided the users with several community communication functions like topic discussion and instant communication, etc.

CPES has so far covered the patent examination information of 16 organizations including SIPO, EPO, JPO, KIPO, USPTO and patent offices in UK, Australia and Germany, etc. CPES adopted a brand-new interface design and a timelines display form, establishing multiple forms of channels for collecting feedbacks. It offered users nine language versions including Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic, etc. The multi-languages translation tool in the system is able to provide translation among twelve languages including Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese, etc.

The website for CPES is Chinese examiners can directly log in it through China patent electronic examination and approval system (E System).

So far, the trial system has been tested among users in various examination organizations including EPO, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and Saudi Arabian Patent Office, etc. and has received positive feedback from various users.

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